Kareem – Full Spectrum Dominance

Kareem is perhaps better known for his involvement in Berlin?s Zhark label. This Zhark label has released a steady output of excellent dark and noisy industrial techno releases with a bit of an acidic flavour. About half of these releases have been by DJ Kareem.

Some time ago, a sublabel of Zhark was created which is called Ramadan Records. This Ramadan records will focus more on down-tempo dark and abstract hiphop beats (without vocals). The first release on Ramadan was an excellent 12? by Kareem called ?Battlefield?.

Now there is a new CD-release in this vein by Kareem on Kanzleramt?s sidelabel K2O. The new CD features 18 tracks of very minimal and abstract hiphop beats, atmospheric loops and movie samples. The CD contains some tracks from the Battlefield 12?, but most tracks are new. Kareem?s work can best be compared with dark-hop outputs like Hushush?s ?Low en Recon? or Collisionsubstance?s ?Rise | Converge? compilations.

This release will appeal to fans of Scorn, Ocosi, Nos, the compilations mentioned above and especially to those that liked the excellent Dijislov CD on invisible/alleysweeper.

artist: Kareem
label: K2O Records
details: (K2O 028)