Kareem – Noctocrom

After a dozen vinyl releases, a split CD with Huren and a solo CD on the K2O label, Zhark recordings label-boss Kareem presents his second full-length CD album. Kareem is undoubtedly known for his material on Zhark recordings (dark, industrial techno soundscapes). But his first solo CD contained abstract hiphop beats and loops (see the review on this website) like his releases on Zhark?s sidelabel ?Ramadan recordings?.

This release is more representative of his Zhark vinyl works. The style of Kareem is hard to classify, it is neither techno nor industrial. While industrial lacks a certain subtlety in their use of beats and techno often lacks the atmosphere, Kareem seems to offer the best of both worlds. Subtle, but at the same time heavily pounding industrial beats grind forth, while dark and brooding drones echo into infinity. Despite the overall heaviness, there is an ever present ear for detail, with subtle clicks, drones and strange sounds.

This is the ultimate music for those who like to party in bunkers, deserted factories and the like. It comes absolutely recommended for people who like Imminent, Orphx or the recent works of Surgeon and Regis.

artist: Kareem
label: Zhark Records
details: 12 tracks [zhark cd 03]