Karjalan Sissit – Karjalan Sissit

Karjalan Sissit is a brand new project from Markus Personnen. The production was taken care of by Peter Petersson (Sophia, Arcana). Well, he knows how to create a bombastic sound of course. Karjalan Sissit stands for orchestral powerful ambient and industrial. War is the main theme here, in fact the album is dedicated to Personnen’s uncle, who died as a soldier in the war. The album is released by Cold Spring, who have more music in this vein in their catalogue with Von Thronstahl.

Overall the music is really impressive, with hard pounding percussion, choirs and samples and atmospheric synths. Bombastic parts are alternated by solemn, classical hymns. But Karjalan Sissit also has a less serious side, with a few funny nostalgic intermezzos, just like Der Blutharsch often does.
There are many bands out there creating bombastic war music, but this album by Karjalan Sissit is one of my favourites at the moment. Although far from original, everything is executed very convincing.

artist: Karjalan Sissit
label: Cold Spring
details: 10 tracks, 41 minutes