Karjalan Sissit – Karjalasta Kajahtaa

The third album of the Swedish bombastic industrial project Karjalan Sissit, after the self-titled debut on Cold Spring and the follow-up “Miserere” on Cold Meat. This time the album is first released on vinyl by the German label Eternal Soul Records. The record on thick vinyl comes in a nice fold-out black cover. A cd version will be released later by the Canadian label Cylic Law.

The cover image, of a hand holding a knife, directly creates an aggressive impression. The first song is an old cheerful pre-war ballroom song though, of the same type as Karjalan Sissit used in the past. The next song is a dense piece of power electronics, with thick walls of noise, hammering percussion and nasty shouted vocals. It’s brutal, but also boring after a while. The third track ‘Requiem: Out From This World’ is more to my liking, a powerful bombastic orchestral piece with classical choirs, in the vein of Sophia and Predella Avant. Peter Bjarg√∂ of Sophia engineered and produced this album by the way. It is followed by a more restrained classical/ambient piece.

The rest of the record also has a balanced mixture of industrial, orchestral and soundscape-like pieces. The mood remains apocalyptic throughout, sometimes warlike, sometimes depressed. As before the songs are firmly rooted in history. A solid album, which contains in general the same elements as the previous Karjalan Sissit albums.

artist: Karjalan Sissit
label: Eternal Soul Records
details: lp [ES LP01]