Karjalan Sissit – Tanssit On Loppu Nyt

Tanssit On Loppu Nyt is the fourth album by Karjalan Sissit aka Markus Pesonen from Finland/Sweden. Just like the previous album Karjalasta Kajahtaa, the new album is released on cd by Cyclic Law and on vinyl byEternal Soul Records. Again we’re treated to an oppressive mix of martial industrial music and atmospheric dark ambient pieces.

The cd (in A5 sleeve) lasts only 32 minutes, the limited vinyl version has one bonus track. The artwork looks excellent, with many photos which are both nostalgic and disturbing. The album was produced by Peter Bjärgö and has a powerful sound, which seems to have less bombastic orchestral elements than on previous albums.

The first track ‘Tää On Katastroofi, Saatana’ comes across as quite violent, especially through the harsh screamed vocals, sounding different than I’m used of from Karjana Sissit. The second piece ‘Kiitän Puolestani’ is a slow brooding piece with ‘romantic’ string sounds and a dark speaking voice. Not much happens in ‘Någon Vacker…’, which I find a bit boring. Perhaps a silence for the storm in the title track, which has fierce percussion and vocals reminding of power electronics. This alternation between creating atmosphere and attacking with force continues on the rest of the album, with ‘Viinanjuontikoulun Viimeinen…’ as perhaps the most powerful track.

My general conclusion: Tanssit On Loppu Nyt is a decent album, with a convincing dark misantropic mood. But I miss some real highlights that make me want to push the repeat button, like I experienced more often on previous Karjalan Sissit albums.

artist: Karjalan Sissit
label: Cyclic Law Records
details: cd, 9 tracks, 2006 [17th Cycle]