Karl Kubler / Raison Future – Split LP

With this split LP Invasion Planete brings together two of her darkest acts. The result might be clear: dark electro in the tradition of the label.

Karl Kubler takes care of the A-Side with alternately dark atmospheric electro and harsh, almost industrial, electro. ‘Join Us’ and ‘Black Robots’ are
dancefloor orientated energetic songs, while ‘Kubler’s research’ for example is a slow and moody electro track.

Raison Future opens the B-Side with ‘In Silence’ a dark orchestral track that due to the military drums would not make you expect that an electro record is playing. ‘S.K.’, the second song, leaves no doubt. From this track on the records clicks, ticks and squeaks on. The highlight of the B-Side is ‘Puissance électronique’, an uptempo song with lyrics, traditionally, spoken on top of the

This split album is one of the darkest electro records available at the moment. There are numerous acts and labels that claim to produce and release dark electro. This record makes clear what dark electro really sounds like.

artist: Karl Kubler / Raison Future
label: Invasion Planète
details: lim. to 700 copies. [IP012]