Karnnos – Bearer of order, bringer of chaos

Karnnos is a band from Portugal that earlier made the varied album “‘Deatharch Crann”, released in 2000 by Cynfeirdd. The band uses a variety of instruments and can easily switch from an acoustic neo-folk tune to a dark electronic soundscape. The same diversity is displayed on the 4 tracks on this single, released on Albin Julius’ WKN label.

The band doesn’t go for easy success, the songs really need to grow on you. ‘Ten Pan (All within One)’ starts as a soundscape and then evolves in a nice neo-folk tune. ‘Impregnating Ior Shrines’ is a very dark ambient piece. On the B-side ‘Still we hunt, still we chase’ is a magnificent militant track, in the best Der Blutharsch tradition. The final track, ‘Holt of the horned’, is a mysterious composition, with dark electronics, strings and whispering. Karnnos convinces me with this strong and varied single.

artist: Karnnos
label: Hau Ruck!
details: 7', 4 tracks, brown vinyl