Kat Kosm – Knightboat

Folktronic is what this album by Kat Kosm is about. Kat Kosm are Jana Plewa and Sebastian Skalei, two Berlin based sing a song writers.

The album consists of three new tracks, one demo, and three remixes of the first track. So there is not that much new material on this disc.
Knightboat starts out with one of the most horrible guitars I have hard in quite a while. This is a classic example on how to kill a record in the first 10 seconds. And to be honest the track actually does end up to be quite nice, although not very original.
All songs are actually quite nice, but my goodness.. they are so sweet and lack originality wherever possible.
The remix tracks are quite decent, but not that good either. Just your standard remix you would expect. Only the remix track by Mondomarc actually adds something to the music, creating something totally new from the source material. It’s almost painful that a complete rework of the music results in the only decent track on a cd.

This cd adds almost nothing to the genre of folktronic. It’s not bad, but it certainly isn’t good either. But what I wonder most is why release a CD with just three new tracks, a demo, and three remixes, a total of not even half an hour of music?

artist: Kat Kosm
label: Klangkrieg Produktionen