Katscan – Feral Bios

This is the debut album by English electropunk duo Katscan. They produce electronic mayhem of the highest quality. From the opening track Bone Saw till the last track it is evident the listener is in for some electro shock therapy.
Katscan, although their music is quite original, has some similarities to KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and Sheep on Drugs. Their music combines heavy beats with raw delivered vocals and vocal samples. The beats are almost never straight electro beats but are often drum & bass or jungle orientated. Otherwise such beats are used as fills in between the electro beats. Such is the case with clever programmed songs like Double Tongue and P.S.I.

Other songs make use of acid sounds in the way as Sheep On Drugs used to do. This is evident in songs as [Screaming Like A] Crack Baby and So Kill Me! This fusion of acid sounds with heavy electro beats work very well. One of the best tracks on this release is Flowest Cunning Demonator, which is a Sheep On Drugs style song that should do well on the dancefloor. Another track that stands out is Idiot Gene. This is the most EBM-ish song on the album much in the vein of early Nitzer Ebb.

Feral Bios is an excellent piece of electro/cyberpunk. Anybody that is interested in electro and industrial dance should try this one out. An excellent piece of electronic mayhem from this cyberpunk act.

artist: Katscan
label: Nightbreed Records