Kattoo – Megrim

I was not familiar with the project Kattoo. Kattoo is Volker Kahl from Beefcake and Megrim is the second album. With this record Hymen has released a gem. Megrim is one long trip consisting of great sounds and beautiful moments.

The record opens with an orchestral piece with some industrial sounds in the background. This might make you think of Raison d’Être. But soon after that the record goes into other territories.
All tracks are untitled and the record should be listened to as one music piece. If you do this Megrim is like a soundtrack. A story of passion, light and darkness and experience will unfold before you. Different scenes and moods evolve into each other, but all very natural. On some occasions the organic and peaceful sounds are accompanied by rhythm structures. The beats will however always stay subtle and in the background.

Megrim is a record of real beauty that will please all fans of ambient music.

artist: Kattoo
label: Hymen
details: 20 tracks [¥747]