Kazumasa Hashimoto – Yupi

This is the debut cd of Kazumasa Hashimoto, a composer form Tokyo, Japan. Hashimoto has played piano on several cd’s, and has worked as a mastering engineer for several labels. Now the Japanese label Plop has released his debut cd, called “Yupi”.

The cd combines several orchestral sounds with nice processed electronic sounds, resulting in 14 songs, ranging from short interludes, to long almost classical pieces. It isn’t all that new what Hashimoto does. There are enough bands that has done simulair things, but Hashimoto seems to have a fresh look on music, and does create his own sound. Maybe this is because Hashimoto uses a more orchestral, classical sound, something you won’t hear that often. The electronics used aren´t that groundbreaking either, sample loops, synths and more the like. It´s all just pleasant to listen to, though at times slightly over the top. Maybe the cd is like the (beautiful) cover which shows some amazingly colorful tropical plants. Beautiful, colorful, but maybe just a bit too much at times.

The music isn’t anything new, but a refreshing cd anyway, that will put a smile on your face. Just sit back and relax. No need for concentrated listening, just enjoy the setting summer sun and get yourself another drink.

artist: Kazumasa Hashimoto
label: Plop
details: [PLIP-3007]