Kiritchenko, Andrey – Interplays, in between

This is the second CD by Andrey Kiritchenko on Ad Noiseam. Kiritchenko is an artist from the Ukraine, who collaborated with the likes of Scanner and Kim Cascone and played on various festivals around the world.

The music of Andrey Kiritchenko is hard to classify, it is certainly electronic, but does not fall in any genre I can think of. Although the record sometimes sounds ?technoid? is not overly rhythmic and does not contain any clear melodies or song structures. Andrey Kiritchenko simply creates sounds and makes a sort of semi-rhythmic (repetitive, pulsing) sound-sculpture with these sounds.

Despite the lack of classifiability and obvious abstractness, ?Interplays, in between? sounds remarkably coherent and aesthetic.

artist: Kiritchenko, Andrey
label: Ad Noiseam
details: 9 tracks, 42 minutes [adn40]