Kirlian Camera – Invisible Front. 2005

Already out for quite some months, but this new addition to the meanwhile extensive Kirlian Camera discography deserves to be mentioned here. Invisible Front is one of KC’s strongest albums to date, and includes one of their best songs ever.

Invisible Front 2005 contains over an hour of music. Short and long songs, danceable and tranquil moments, poppy and experimental tracks. The artwork has a very modern style and many songs seem to deal with space and sky. The music also sounds very spacious and clear.

After the experimental intro ‘Mission Diarty I’, with spoken word by Lloyd James (Naevus), follows the absolute highlight: ‘K-Pax’, a nostalgic electronic anthem lasting over 6 minutes. It contains lovely delicate vocals by Elena Fossi, delicious wavy electronics and a pleasant melody with floating synth lines. This track belongs at least in the same league as ‘Eclipse’ or ‘The desert inside’.

But there is more to enjoy on this album. Estarnging sound collages like ‘Nefertitiae’, vintage electro on ‘Dead in the sky’, the romantic hymn ‘The path of flowers’ or the long and mellow ‘K-Space-Y-1’, with the easily recognizable guest vocals of Jarboe.

Invisible Front contains a gret deal of spacious moody electronics with a very clear sound. ‘K-Pax’ is a great hit, while the rest of the album is more tranquil and atmospheric. Experimental structures, yet pleasant to listen to. Often I’m reminded of 70’s space synth pioneers, like Tangerine Dream. A fascinating trip!

artist: Kirlian Camera
label: Trisol
details: 11 tracks, 2004 [tri201cd]