Kirlian Camera – Still Air

A band with a long history, this Italian formation. Kirlian camera has produced a large and varied oeuvre in the past 20 years, from poppy dance hits as ‘Eclipse’ to folky tracks such as ‘Heldenplatz’. A good overview gives the double cd compilation “The Ice Curtain”. On this brandnew album though KC proves to be not just a band with a past, but also one that is still relevant.

“Still Air” is a very electronic album, experimenting a lot with rhythm and sounding very modern. This feeling is enhanced by the clear production and the fresh looking cover and booklet. Very dominant on the album are the unual rhythms and the female vocals of (mostly) Elena Fossi.

Most catchy track is ‘Absentee’, which will also be released as a single, with a hard dancebeat and some nice electronic layers. But there are also some more experimental pieces on the album, like ‘Heaven’s darkest shore 1’ a collaboration with Sixth Comm, and ‘Irgendwo’, a slow, 9 minute long conclusion, that creates a lot of tension. A succeeded album in my opinion.

artist: Kirlian Camera
label: Radio Luxor
details: 10 tracks