Kiss the Blade – The Third Smile E.P.

Some bands are well known, but only to a relative small group of people. Kiss The Blade is one of those bands. This Swiss gothicrock band has been around for many years now, but their music isn’t wide spread. The history of Kiss The Blade goes back to 1988. After several albums on different labels the band found a new label that re-issued their Headcrash ­ A Romance album last year. The original style of the band is very evident on this album; raw and dark rock,
that pays tribute to The Fields Of The Nephilim and The Sisters Of Mercy. The song ‘A Wing and A Prayer’, that is featured on this album, is a cover version of
a song by The Mission.

The inspiration of the band leaves no questions. The tradition from which Kiss The Blade stems from couldn’t be even more evident after the Joy Division cover “Day Of The Lords’, which can be found on The Third Smile E.P.. This cd leaves more room for atmospheric passages and quite, slow songs than Headcrash. ‘One Thing Left’ and ‘I Want To Be Something To You’ are nice examples of that. There are also some faster, more danceable, songs on the cd like the potential dancefloor hit ‘Some Become One’.

This album is one of the highlights of (modern) gothicrock. Kiss The Blade is one of those bands that keeps the tradition alive. Although the greatest part
of the gothic audience has turned to electronic dance music nobody will be able to deny that this is the real thing.

artist: Kiss the Blade
label: Upscene/Indigo
details: 7 tracks