Klangstabil – Taking Nothing Seriously

Klangstabil is a hard to define act. Their releases differ a lot from one another. Some records are over the top noise, like a sort of digital grindcore, while others are much more atmospheric and quiet. Taking Nothing Seriously is mainly a rather tranquil album.

The aspect that is most evident on this record are the intense vocals that are placed on the foreground. These are spontaneous recorded monologues, which result in very natural sounding voices/speeches. The band calls this ‘Direct Talking Lyrics’. On a track like ‘Between’ this even sounds a bit like hiphop vocals. But at other moments it can also result in whispering and/or yelling (‘Push Yourself’).

Not just the vocals are intense. The music itself is this as well. Most of the songs combine lots of atmospheric synth melodies and layers, often very new wave like, with cold elektro beats.

Tranquil songs like ‘Gloomy Day’, ‘Away’ and ‘Reason To Live’ dominate the overall mood of Taking Nothing Seriously. ‘You May Start’ on the other hand is a potential clubhit due to its straight but catchy mid-tempo beats and energetic feeling.

Too bad the band put ‘A Difference That’s For All To See’ on this album. This is a brutal over the top noise eruption that doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the tracks.

For the rest Taking Nothing Seriously is a very enjoyable record with solid songs with a nice mood.

artist: Klangstabil
label: Ant-Zen
details: 8 tracks [ACT136]