Klingelton 17 – S/T

Klingelton 17 is one of the obscure 80’s DDR bands in the field of NDW / minimal music. This 7” was pressed in the 90’s but never really distributed and sold. NLW discovered this record and now made them available after all these years. Only 150 copies were pressed so it is a true collector’s piece.

The music by Klingelton 17 is a mix of NDW and authentic minimal, somewhat in the style of Matthias Schuster. The songs present on this record were recorded during the mid / late 80’s and breaths that atmosphere very well.

‘Trümmertruppe’ is a long and extremely minimal track with a clear rhythm and some melodic elements. On top of that classic vocoder vocals are delivered. It is a very nice and catchy track you will recognize immediately as a relic of the 80’s.

On the B-side are two more tracks. ‘Ich erhoffe more ein Leben‘ is more playful as ‘Trümmertruppe’ and a bit more new wave inspired. Again more rhythmic orientated is ‘Mehrheit der Briten zweifelt’.

This 7” is a cult piece, it is a great surprise it has been recovered after all these years.

artist: Klingelton 17
details: vinyl - 7”, 3 tracks