kNow – .pastiche.excelsior.

The dark ambient act kNow earlier came to my attention through their collaboration with Axone on the Somnambulant Corpse label. Now there is a new cd, again in a dvd-box. It is released by a small label from Columbus called Snip-Snip Records, which already has about a dozen releases, amongst which Cordell Klier. On “pastiche.excelsior” you can find two dark electronic tracks clocking in just under 30 minutes.

‘An effigy of decomposition is a monotonous experimental soundscape, with high noisy sounds, strange rumblings and some eerie dark ambient layers in the background. Halfway the song gets noisier and more rhythmic. ‘Elements of Disease’ has a nice dark factory sound, poignant percussion, distant ethnic voices. Quite an interesting track, with a nice exotic atmosphere, a good late night listening.

artist: kNow
label: Snip-Snip Records
details: cdr in dvd-case, 2 tracks