Kosmonautentraum – Ungehörtes Unerhörtes

Vinyl On Demand has established itself in a short time as a label for quality releases of obscure 80’s music. This new release is a compilation album of the music by Kosmonautentraum. The band was part of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene and had an experimental attitude like many (but not all) bands in that scene.

The tracks on Ungehörtes Unerhörtes come from various sources like early 7”’s, a side project (called Ziggy& Eno), an early lp and tapes. Most tracks are rather experimental. Some are noisy with hints of early industrial and some others have more krautrock influences. There are also typical NDW tracks included like the energetic ‘Juri Gagarin’ and Tanz den Kosmonaut’ and the weirder ‘Bärte Entstellen Wärter’ and ‘Geduld’.

It is becoming a little predictable but this new Vinyl On Demand records is again fantastic. Any fan of NDW can buy this without hesitation.

artist: Kosmonautentraum
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: lp, 16 tracks [VOD20]