Kostnice – Finsterfelden

Kostnice is the solo project by Sofia E.R. from Wermut. She already released some music from this project on cd-r on Gigabrother. Finsterfelden is the first vinyl release and a major achievement.

This record is filled with moody soundscapes and muzak that is both relaxing and disturbing. The record opens with two rough and bombastic tracks. After that ‘Remember’ brings the listener back to more tranquil moods. But, only for a moment as this track evolves into a haunting piece as well.
‘Bitter Love’ is sounding a bit neo-folk and chamber music like due to the looped violin melody. The B-side of the records features a few more chamber music moments (‘Liedchen’ and ‘ Die Sommer Danach’), but also nightmarish pieces of muzak (‘Finsterfelden’ and ‘Forensic II’).
From time to time the music on this record is reminiscent of Allerseelen, both in sound and mood and composition style. The loops that are typical for Allerseelen are also the basis for the music by Kostnice.

People interested in post-industrial music and dark folk will be pleased by Finsterfelden. It is also a true collectors item with a beautiful gatefold sleeve and five nostalgic looking photos of nature settings as inserts. There are only 270 copies so you will have to hurry to get one.

artist: Kostnice
label: Reue um Reue
details: 10 tracks [R.u.R. 002]