Kpt.michi.gan – Player, player

Kpt.michi.gan is Micheal Beckett, member of the Schneider TM experience, Dr. Drek(noise) and the Beautiful new börn children(punk) Besides that he has played live with numerous bands.

The record seems to be build on a few things.
First there are the dub techno beat strcutures Beckett uses. The dub techno beats are done in the minimal way, just enough to give a sense of rhythm, but it never really becomes a full techno beat.
Secondly there is the guitar part. Beckett is a guitarist. Many songs feature heavily distorted guitar sounds.
And last but in this case certainly not least, there is the distortion. Beckett uses it extensively on the album. At some points the distortion works perfectly well, integrating the melodic layers with the beat structures, but at times the combination of beats, guitar and distortion fails, leaving the listener with a heavily distorted and not very coherent sound.

All the minimal dub techno sound is always present, but the use of treated guitar sounds and distortion give something extra to the music. It becomes organic and warm. “Player, player” is a beautiful, but stubborn album.

artist: Kpt.michi.gan
label: Aesthetics
details: lp/cd Aesthetics ast29