Kraken – Förlisa

I was never very good in biology. But apparently a ‘kraken’ is a sort of mythical giant octopus. This explains the tentacle details on the nice looking A5 cd package. And of course this fits in well with Spectre’s Nautilus series, dedicated to ‘aquatic scenarios and sonorities’. Not only because of the bandname and the sleeve, but also the music can be called ‘nautical ambient’.

Well, this Belgian project, consisting of the duo Ricardo Gomez and Joris Vermost, certainly takes you to the deepest parts of the ocean, filled with mysteries and yet unknown creatures. Deep dark drones, strange distant swirling sounds and voices which seem to come from long forgotten shipwrecks are floating in ominous waters. Most tracks are slow threatening soundscapes, other resemble more collages of sampled sounds and voices, from which you can distill your own adventures. Towards the end are some harsher sounds, like ‘The seamen’s club’. Very atmospheric and cinematic, this journey to depths filled with phenomena not yet expalined by science. A fascinating album.

artist: Kraken
label: Spectre Records
details: [na04]