Kratarknathrak – Perpetual Motion Machine

The first vinyl release of Kratarknathrak, after numerous cdr’s. The man with the impossible name (short: Krat) and the countless musical projects, has created a nice looking record, with all kinds of machinery details on the cover. You would perhaps expect industrial harshness then, especially if you consider that he is also a member of the industrial commie propaganda outfit The People’s Republic of Europe. But none of that here, “Perpetual Motion machine” treats us to some fine clean electronic sounds.

The record features 6 instrumental tracks, most of which are tranquil and moody. The ‘Theme from Body Thetans’ is quite danceable though. The music has some hints of classic Kraftwerk, 80’s synth music, some minimal electro, as well as idm and ambient influences. Though most songtitles don’t sound very serious, the music itself is not something to do funny about. A track like ‘Darf ich ein Taschen Kaffee bitte?’ is a fine tranquil composition. ‘Poekie Ko-nijn-K’ is a nice glitchy piece, the short ‘Dumdum’ has fast breakbeats, while tracks like ‘Simplicity V21.2’ and ‘Perpetual Motion machine’ are more atmospheric and ambient, pleasing relaxing music. All in all a nice moody and subtle electronic record.

artist: Kratarknathrak
label: New Darkness Recordings
details: 6 tracks, 500 copies (ND30)