Kris Tall / Beefcake – Cellular Electrique / The Mosaic

This is a split lp by two very different acts but who have more in common than you might think in first instance. Kris Tall plays jazzy guitar ambient / post-rock. Beefcake makes experimental electronic music (with the addition of traditional instruments). The sound of the two groups is different, but their ideas about making music are the same, as they both go for the experiment.

The A-side is filled with the nice tranquil sounds of Kris Tall. Their lo-fi post-rock calls to mind bands like Sonic Youth and Tortoise. The group makes use of dreamy melodies with an occasional eruption of louder sounds. The music finds its way to you in five well crafted pieces that at times seems like a soundtrack.

Beefcake has taken care of the B-side. The group has taken samples of the Kris Tall tracks, adjusted them and used these to create one long track. As a result, the track which is called ‘The Mosaic’ sounds even more like a soundtrack than the A-side. The last minutes of this track are remixed by Robag Wruhme.

The result is a complex and varied soundtrack like piece. Tranquil moments are followed by hectic pieces of music with loud guitars and electronic passages with surprising rhythmic structures.

This is all except a standard lp. Cellular Electrique / The Mosaic is interesting music for the adventurous listener.

artist: Kris Tall / Beefcake
label: Thrillbeatconstruction
details: lp, 6 tracks [T.B.C. 007]