Kub – Entre 2 mondes

Drum and Bass music has had it?s best days. All the legendary tracks have been produced and every rhythm has been tried over and over again. Still dnb releases are being released, and once in a while there is actually a nice one in between them.

This new CD by Kub is a very well produced example of the more synthetic drum ?n? bass. There are no sampled amen-breaks or other sampled breakbeat-structure. This is a nice change, to the majority of dnb output. The electronic beat-structure is filled in with nice, crystal clear samples, synthetic strings and dark drones, that help to create a huge atmosphere. I can very well imaging this music spicing up a rave.

“Entre 2 Mondes” is a refreshing release in a genre that has not died out yet. A bit of a disappointment is that most of the beats sound exactly the same on most tracks, there could have been a bit more variation (other sounds or structures).

artist: Kub
label: Axess Code
details: [aXc01]