La Mamoynia – Mono Ego

The previous release by La Mamoynia pleasantly surprised me. Their music is a good mixture of minimal electronics, new wave and industrial elements. Opening track (‘I stand alone’) of this new album fits the above description of how the band sounds very well. It is a track with metal sounding drums, new wave synths and a minimal character.

On tracks like ‘Ich bin Niemand’, ‘Kenurhgia Avghi’ and ‘And nothing more for you’ these elements are present too. The band also incorporates some modern gothic influences in their music now. But their love for 80’s music is again shown in the Mecano cover ‘Links’. La Mamoynia succeeded in transforming the song into a track of their own without losing the original mood and feeling of the piece.

Mono Ego is not an essential album but it is a solid achievement and hopefully a prelude to even better music from this band.

artist: La Mamoynia
label: Die Kraft durch die Form Records
details: cd, 11 tracks [KDF011]