La Mamoynia – S/T

At first I didn’t know what to make of the sound of La Mamoynia, but as happens more often after lots of playing I have to conclude that they make good and original music.
Don’t be misleaded by the first track. This one is very badly sung. The vocals on the other tracks are better (although they still could use some improvement).
La Mamoynia fuses electronic gothic / darkwave music with minimal electronics. So, electronics are the main ingredient in the music, but at times also some guitar sounds can be heard.
Both fast and tranquil songs are featured on this cd. While the fast tracks are suitable for the dancefloor I prefer the more quite pieces because they are darker and atmospheric. Really good is the Fad Gadget cover ‘Ricky’s Hand’.
If the band is able to improve the singing, I am sure we will be hearing more from La Mamoynia.

artist: La Mamoynia
label: Die Kraft durch die Form Records
details: 10 tracks [KDF/cd009]