La Seduction Des Innocents – Chapitre 1

Le Syndicat Electronique (the project) is no more, long live Le Syndicat Electronique (the label)! This new label is only for La Seduction Des Innocents, the new project by A// (Le Syndicat Electronique / Invasion Planète).

When listening to this first release of L.S.D.I. it sounds like all the roots of European electronic music are coming together; experimental pieces, industrial, wave and elektro. All with the minimal and analogue approach of course.

After a nice intro we are treated with a track that might well become the first classic L.S.D.I. track. ‘ Nouveau Mystère Chapitre 1’ is a melancholic minimal elektro wave piece with an impressive dark mood. After that the record goes into more old style industrial territory. ‘Métamorphose’(here released in a live version from the first concert) reminds me of early Cabaret Voltaire. Another fine track.

From here on you will be taken into many forms and moods. Even though each track might be very different from the previous one, the record still shows a lot of cohesion due to the specific dark, minimal and analogue sounds.

Listening to Chapitre 1 is dark trip for sure. You will also be hearing yet another potential classic: the dark and fierce elektro / industrial track ‘Les rumeurs de l’aube’, which sounds somewhat like the contemporary style of Haus Arafna.

Fans of Le Syndicat Electronique (the project) will love this record immediately even though is is very different from the music from that former project. L.S.D.I. will probably also open the ears of new people to the minimalistic elektro wave sounds of the musicians associated with Invasion Planète. As darkwave and industrial fans are recommended to listen to this excellent record full of dark electronics.

artist: La Seduction Des Innocents
label: Le Syndicat Electronique Rec.
details: lp, 11 tracks [L.S.E.01]