La Seduction Des Innocents – Chapitre 2

This is already the second release by La Seduction Des Innocents (LDSI, the new project by the artists formerly known as Le Syndicat Electronique). After the great debut LP (Chapitre 1) we are again treated with more dark minimal electronics.

On the A-side of this 7“ are two simply brilliant pieces. ‘Crucifixion’ is an extremely dark and spooky pulsating track with haunting screams and yells. This is the perfect soundtrack for an old black and white ghost movie.
La Petite Vénus’ is more industrial and rhythmic orientated but still in a very 80’s sort of style. The melody and the vocal parts are vaguely reminiscent of early Death In June. Overall the atmosphere is that of a classic apocalyptic folk song.
Abandon’ on the B-side has the same dark mood and also has an apocalyptic folk feeling, even though it has more elektro related rhythmic sounds.

I enjoyed the first record by LSDI but this 7” is even better. It hasn’t been away far from my record player since I got it. Chapitre 2’ creates a mythical, almost sacred, atmosphere in your surroundings when you play it. Hopefully we can look forward to more of these songs and sounds in the future.

The first chance to see LSDI live in The Netherlands is on the 3rd of June at the Electronic Renaissance party at the Baroeg, Rotterdam.

artist: La Seduction Des Innocents
label: Le Syndicat Electronique Rec.
details: 7”, 3 tracks [LSE02]