Lalala – This is our best

From Le Havre, France comes Lalala. It is a band consisting of two girls singing songs on top of music composed by various musicians. On the cover of this cd-r it says “french technopop from Le Havre”, but it would have been better to call this minimal pop.

After a short intro the first hit is served. ‘Secret agent’ is an excellent analogue minimal pop tune. Infact, it is the best track on this record. A nice, playful tune with French lyrics, extremely catchy and very adorable.

Funny are the weird pop tracks ‘His story’ and ‘La Complainte de J. Farrow’ . More modern elektro sounding is ‘Unsere Hochfliegende Pläne’. This is a very good track for the dancefloor.

I had to get used to the Rod Droid track ‘This is a lovesong’ (originally released as ‘Lotek Warrior’ on Herzt006), as I found the original vocals better. After some time though this version proves to be just as nice. Another wonderful piece of minimalism is the Puyo Puyo track ‘Superheros’.

After hearing this cd-r I can only recommend to keep an eye out for the releases on this small Belgium label. They have several more releases of high quality minimal (elektro) pop.

artist: Lalala
label: Les Disques du Succès
details: cd-r, 8 tracks [DS002]