Lament Configuration – Paragon-Asia Dataflow

NCC (Noise Control Corp.) Records is a new player on the industrial market. Lament Configuration has released an ep before and was present on numerous compilations. The tracks on this release were already recorded in 1999-2000. They have made it easy for me, by adding a description of the concept on the sleeve: “The concept of Lament Configuration has always been to create a very lo-fi, percussion driven, melodic, and abrasive mix of sounds while adding in many (not-so) pop-culture references.”

This album, “Paragon-Asia Dataflow”, contains 14 tracks which combine heavy and often complex rhtyhms which a more atmospheric and intelligent framework. Noise, industrial, drum ‘n bass, idm, dark ambient are all put into the mix. I like the combination of strong, at times violent beats and percussion on the one hand and moody melodic electronic layers on the other, it makes the sound rather balanced. The multiple layers of textured electronics give this album an identity, making it into something more than just another new powernoise kid on the block. ‘Last day’ is a highlight, sounding rather noisy, aggressive and apocalyptic. Towards the end of the album the songs get even more spacious and adventurous. ‘Animamia’ combines gritty noises with a stimulating technoid beat. All in all a strong release.

artist: Lament Configuration
label: NCC Records
details: [NCC8]