Land – Opuscule

An impressive album, this debut from the French act Land. It has been in my stereo quite often the last few weeks. Which is a compliment, because many new releases move to an anonymous place in my collection after 2 or 3 listening turns. Earlier Land released a 10″ called “Idi i Smotri”, which I haven’t heard, but I read some good things about it. Both releases, as well as the Land website, look very pleasing to the eye. A little minimal, with some old photos to create a nostalgic impression. This fits in nicely with the melancholic music, which also evokes times long past.

The music on “Opuscule” is rather delicate, being quite minimal, soft and intimate. A mixture of classical sounds and ambient soundscapes, adorned with various samples and choirs. At times, especially in the second part of the album, a few careful rhythyms surface, without becoming dominant. You hardly notice when a song has begun, the album really forms a unity, without becoming boring. Sometimes I have to think of an act like Les Joyaux de La Princesse or Regard Extreme, other pieces are more Cold Meat-like. A few songs, like ‘Décembre incertain’, show some martial influences, but in a very subtle manner. Another beautiful song is ‘De gris figé’, with minimal piano work and a classical background. “Opuscule” really manages to hold my attention for almost 50 minutes. Land has created a fine moody and dreamlike atmosphere on this album.

artist: Land
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 8 tracks