Landing – Gravitational IV

I hadn’t listened to Landing for a while, a group based in Connecticut. Meanwhile they have released six albums on cd, as well as various EP’s, singles, tapes and compilation tracks. Their vinyl only album “Gravitational IV” was recorded in 2004, around the same time as their cd “Sphere”. The music of Landing is a hazy mixture of shoegaze, post-rock, ambient drones, space-rock and other spheric styles.

As I’ve come to expect from Equation Records, the packaging of this limited album is quite luxurious with treats like a gatefold sleeve, inserts and thick vinyl. The music really appeals to me with its dreamy character. The tracks are mostly instrumental and carefully built up.

Some pieces have a hypnotic groove, like the first piece ‘Each man for himself’ and the excellent psychedelic title track at the end of the album. ‘Gravitational V’ is a soft delicate piece which reminds of the most fragile material released on 4AD. ‘Scenes upon the trees’ also is lovely, reminding me a bit of slower work by The God Machine. “Gravitational IV” is a fine album to discover!

artist: Landing
label: Equation Records
details: LP, 2006 [E=mc12]