Landing – Oceanless

Buy yourself a few good effect pedals, get a few friends to do the same, and start playing post My Bloody Valentine shoegazer, and be indie.
At first listen that is what this albums seems to be, yet another guitar drone album, with endless feedbacking guitars, and songs that never really become songs.

But Landing are different, Landing actually get it right. There is a simularity in sound with space-rock heroes Windy & Carl, or maybe you could describe them as a combination of Stars of the lid with Bardo Pond. The songs are long, two of them over 20 minutes, but you never get the feeling they are too long. the album never gets boring or pointless.

All songs are guitar driven of course, with sometimes some drumming to it, and at times clear bassline and some soft singing, or call it whispering if you like. They have the ability to create a detailed walls of guitar feedback, without giving you the urge to skip to the next song to see what that will bring.

Landing are up there with the best space-rock bands, like Windy & Carl, Bardo Pond and Subarachnoid space to name a few, and this is one amazing cd by them. A must have for all misty space rockers out there.

artist: Landing
label: Strange Attractors
details: (SAAH003)