Lapsed – Twilight

This release on Ad Noiseam direcly attracts my attention through the lovely design with organic elements. Lapsed is the project of Jason M. Stevens from Salt Lake City, and “Twilight” is his debut album. It contains 14 tracks of electronic music, in which Lapsed has found a good compromise between being adventurous and pleasing. The clicks and broken beats sound familiar, but there is something in the atmosphere which gives the music space and a sense of beauty.

The production is fine and the music is executed flawlessly. Still the music of Lapsed is far from sterile. This is partly due to the moody soundscape elements,and partly because the rhythms have something addictive. There is also enough variation in the sounds and influences which are incorporated. IDM, techno, industrial, ambient… “Twilight” sounds fresh without being really innovative. Just a solid contemporary electronic album, which is ended by a fine Displacer remix.

artist: Lapsed
label: Ad Noiseam
details: [adn34]