Larsen – SeieS

‘SeieS’ is Larsen’s second release for Important Records, and their fifth full-length overall. The group worked formerly with Michael Gira and his Young Gods label. This album features additions from Brian Williams (Lustmord), Julia Kent (Antony & the Johnsons) and Jarboe (Swans, etc). Larsen themselves are four Italians from Torino, who seem a bit elusive… (haven’t been able to find their names or what SeieS means…)

The album starts with “Snow”, a really nice ambient piece without any clear direction, but an excellent introduction to the album. “Mother” is more songlike with drums, guitar, strings, and faintly whispered voices. “Rever” is really well arranged with more strings and the music on this track is some of the catchiest from the album, but Jarboe’s voice here is, in my opinion, not a highlight.

A few of the songs on ‘SeieS’ have a darker feel, the last three in particular; “Momi”, “Haula”, and “Marzia”. “Momi” is again more ambient, while “Haula” might be filed under postrock, with drums almost upbeat, but with everything else still sort of mellow.

The final track “Marzia” is the collaboration with Lustmord. This song is another really good one; it starts at a snail’s pace and then kicks in with distorted electric guitar, drums, and atmospheric keys, but doesn’t get too wild or crazy, making for a soothing end to the album. I am definitely a Larsen fan after ‘SeieS’, and have been really impressed lately with Important Records.

artist: Larsen
label: Important Records
details: 7 tracks, 2006 [imprec083]