Last Days of Jesus, The – Alien Road

More and more good new gothrock, post-punk and related music is being released lately. One of the most important outlets for this music is the Strobelight Records label. Their newest discovery is called The Last Days Of Jesus and come from Slowakia.

This band plays a wacky sort of atypical post-punk/deathrock. Their music is something like a less punky version of The Phantom Limbs or a less gothic orientated Cinema Strange. The singer of the band has a bit of a clown-like singing style, which gives the songs their weird mood. Hectic drum rhythms and fierce guitars contribute further to giving the music a sound of its own.

There is also some space for more tranquil and theatrical pieces like ‘Fear, Gunshot… Then The Bliss’ and ‘Alien Domestic Humanoid Sick’. And, there are even some potential clubhits on this album. ‘Life in Line’, ‘Connected Or Infected’ and ‘Paranoid Humanoid’ are danceable and very catchy.
With their original sound The Last Days Of Jesus is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary post-punk/deathrock scene.

artist: Last Days of Jesus, The
label: Strobelight Records