Last Fall, The – Unknown Treasures

The Last Fall is a project by Alain Posset from Belgium. I had almost forgotten about his existence, since his first self-produced cd “Flood in light” came out in 1999. But now The Last Fall is back with a new album. It contains almost 40 minutes of instrumental music mostly created with electronical means. The music verges on the border of ambient and neo-classical.

The atmosphere is very sad and gothic, with spherical keyboard layers, classical piano sounds, church bells and choirs. This may sound cliché, but the music is executed in a refined manner. My favourite track is perhaps ‘Flood in Light (Theme)’, a nicely flowing filmic piece.

Perhaps “Unknown Treasures” does not sound spectacular, but it will be appreciated by lovers of tranquil, melancholic soundscapes. It’s clearly made with a lot of dedication. Now the summer is almost over, this album is a suited companion for dark, lonely nights.

There is a limited box of “Unknown Treasures” available with the re-release of “Flood in light”.

artist: Last Fall, The
label: self-released