Last Influence Of Brain – Illusions And Reality

Last Influence Of Brain is a trio hailing from Slovakia. The dark country reflects in their dark-electro. With influences of bands like Leatherstrip and Front Line Assembly the bandmembers know what they are doing. This is their first release and though it has its flaws they for sure are a promising new band.

The influencing bands can be heard in the music, but Illusions and Reality lacks the quality to create an album out of the songs that keeps the listener awake and listening, hungry for the next track. The tracks basicly are too much alike. The fact that “Legacy” and its remixes take up three out of the thirteen tracks is no positive influence on this either.

Still it is too easy to say that Last Influence Of Brain is another dark electro band delivering a “normal” dark-electro album. It for sure is a promising band. I will be looking forward to their next album, hoping they can live up to the expectations they create with this album.

artist: Last Influence Of Brain
label: Black Flames Records
details: 2004, 13 tracks