Laufeyiar Sonr – Ragnarok Noizez volume 1

Three tracks by a mysterious act, of which I can’t give you any background information at all. I have no clue how to pronounce the bandname, which is related to Nordic mythology: the name Laufeyiar Sonr is related to the Edda, while Ragnarok is another word for Gotterdammerung, the Twilight of the Gods, the day in which the Germanic gods would perish.

Track 1, ‘Etineorn’, offers us some noisy ambient, with deep heavy basses, which make my speakers rumble… The atmosphere is rather occult, reminding me of acts from the Loki stable, like Inade. The second track ‘Ewet’ contains quite noisy and rhythmic industrial, which really is a powerful assault. A nice dose of powernoise to torture your earshells, with a varied menu of rhythms and beats and a dense wall of sound. The last track of this cd-r contains a steady threatening drone, combined with a repetive 80’s miniumal electro beat, while the actual work happens in the background, where different noises fight for our attention. As the song progresses the songs gets more noisy and violent, with a more calm ending. Thirteen thrilling minutes of music, which are quite varied, ranging from calmer tension-building passages to brutal noise attacks. Highly promising!

artist: Laufeyiar Sonr
label: self-released
details: 3 tracks