Laurence Wasser – Laurence Wasser / Disco Banana

Laurence Wasser is a very interesting band from Belgium. If you try to categorize their music I wish you good luck. The band itself calls it no-wave and primitive disco.

On these two EP’s you will hear a strange eclectic sound with elements of new wave, post-punk, rockabilly, surf, lo-fi indie pop and indeed no wave. The mood of the music goes from melancholy to nervous, but always with a strange twist and with a lot of energy. Most tracks are instrumental. It could be a gain for the band to use some more vocals as the tracks that have that are a little stronger.

Musically Laurence Wasser stands on its own. The band is original and has good playing skills. In time this band well become better known. I am sure about that.

artist: Laurence Wasser
label: Les Disques du Succès
details: 6 tracks [DS03] / 4 tracks [DS05]