Le Triste Sire – Effusions…

Le Triste Sire has what might be called a classic darkwave sound. The music is slow, sounds sad, tragic and dark, but also very atmospheric. From the eleven tracks on this album only one has vocals. This song, ‘Deliverance’, is also present in an instrumental version.

Musically this song is typical for the sound of the record and that of Le Triste Sire. All songs are built around subtle and haunting electronic drum rhythms, atmospheric synth melodies, piano parts, spooky sounds and more synth melodies and sounds.

Fans of Dargaard, old Goethes Erben, old Sopor Aeternus and comparable music will certainly enjoy this record. Only seldom nowadays there are records made with a true “gothic” sound. This is one of them.

artist: Le Triste Sire
label: Dysphorie Records
details: 11 tracks [DYS03]