Le Triste Sire – Exordre

This album is released by World Serpent, not bad for a debut. I don’t know too much about this act, only that it is a French one-man project, that makes very agreeable neo-classical music. The music is piano dominated, reminding me of acts like Ozymandias, Regarde Extreme or Remanence. The overall mood is melancholic and romantic. It is nice music to accompany a good book, or while relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but it is also more than just background music, because sometimes you get suddenly caught by the atmosphere.

Although the album is rather synthetic, I don’t see that as a negative point here, because the strings and other sounds are performed very tasteful. To my suprise the album ends with a vocal song, Dereliction, which is also present as an instrumental track at the beginning of the album. The slightly bombastic horn sounds and the clear piano build up a nice atmosphere, then a slow drumming begins and a grave voice brings this pleasant album to an end…

artist: Le Triste Sire
label: World Serpent