Leafcutter John – The housebound spirit

Sometimes, I?m confronted with music that is totally unclassifiable. This album by Leafcutter John appears to be one of those unclassifiable albums.

The artist behind the ?Leafcutter John? project is the composer John Burton. Burton uses electro-acoustic techniques to compose his works. The overall compositions on this album are made up from pieces of music from very different genres. It includes pieces of plundered classical music, guitar folk-music, rock, cutting edge electronica, broken beats, etcetera. This album contains so many styles that it is impossible to classify this a one sort of music. It can perhaps best be compared to Aphex Twin remixing three totally different works and pasting them together with lots of effects.

This makes the album very unique and quite enjoyable to listen to, a true musical experience.

artist: Leafcutter John
label: Planet Mu
details: [ZIQ061]