L.E.A.K. and Kosmophon – Duochromatic

Fin de Siècle Media is building up an impressive catalogue of releases in the field of experimental electronic music. This split cd by L.E.A.K. and Kosmophon is yet another overwhelming audio assault.

L.E.A.K. is mostly known for its release on Cold Meat Industry, The Old Teahouse from 2001. The untitled track on this release is almost 15 minutes of nightmare music. There are a moments of tranquility and peacefulness but overall the listener is confronted with disturbing noises and sounds.

Kosmophon is a side project by Caesar Romero (watch out for a review about a weird and stunning soundtrack here soon). Although Romero likes to play with funny and weird sounds, the two tracks on this cd are pure frightening.

Both ‘Kosmophon’ and ‘Mutter’ are long minimal and hypnotizing industrial noise soundscapes. The tracks build up to become a very scary listening experience.

This split cd is filled with high quality noises that are both interesting and disturbing. Especially Kosmophon is impressive. More music from Caesar Romero is coming up soon on Fin de Siècle.

artist: L.E.A.K. and Kosmophon
label: Fin de Siècle Media
details: 3 tracks [fds06]