Leger des Heils – Aryana LP

Earlier on funprox.com you could already read a review of the cd-version of “Aryana”. There is also a more limited vinyl version available, which contains a few slightly different and shorter versions of some songs. I really like the cover art, so that’s an advantage of the LP-format. Also a small booklet and two postcards are part of the package, with some tasteful photographs by Uwe Nolte (Orplid). I agree with the previous review that this is a fine record. Folk & electronic pop elements are mixed to create some nice hymns, which are even more catchy than before, with a warm feeling. The German lyrics are clearly sang, in a somewhat solemn manner.

The record starts with a sampled bombastic classical intro, followed by a nice instrumental orchestral track, with sweet bells. Simple, but effective. One of the highlights is ‘Geistesmahnung’, with monotonous drumming, a good melody and powerful Orplid-like singing. It is followed by the nice ballad ‘Rein wie ein Flamme’. ‘Verkundigung’ starts with the declamation of a poetic text and a church organ sound, after which an infectious poppy hymn follows, which seems to go on eternally and which you will keep humming or whistling for days. Most of the songs are poppy earwurms, but the powerful drums and horns of ‘Heimat’ sound familiar bombastic. ‘Ewige Gegenwart’ has more of a popsound, and even some rock elements. All in all certainly a convincing record, on which Leger des Heils demonstrates once again its special sound.
Warning: listening to this record may cause some eternal repeating melodies in your head.

artist: Leger des Heils
label: Eis & Licht
details: 9 tracks, limited to 169 copies. [Eis027]