Leger des Heils – Immortalitas

Earlier today I reviewed the 7″ single ‘The Strength of Will’, but this 10″ was in fact released earlier. Strange detail: the 7″ has to be played on 33 rpm and the 10″ on 45 rpm. This 10″ also has a nice fold-out sleeve, and the picture of the little boy on the cover is also added as a postcard.
The A-side contains three tracks: Animus, Roses and Paradisus. The first two are in the same line as the single, solemn electronic folky songs. ‘Animus’ has choir sounds in the background, ‘Roses’ contains electronic horn sounds, both have slightly bombastic drums. ‘Paradisus’ is a short song with acoustic guitars and sounding East-European.
The B-side has two songs, ‘The Strength of Will’, which can also be found on the 7″ single and ‘Flame’. Just like the single this 10″ contains some nice music, but I must say some more variation would be welcome on a next release.

artist: Leger des Heils
label: Eis & Licht
details: 10', 5 tracks