Leger des Heils – Precatio

Because I rather like the later Leger des Heils releases, I’ve also bought their first 10″. As always with Eis & Licht records it is looking nice, in a fairly plain grey cover and with an insert sheet without too much information. It only states that the Music was recorded between June and September 2000, somewhere in Germany. The sound of this 10″ is comparable to their other vinyl releases: an electronic form of neo-folk, with classical layers of synth, marching drums and singing in English. The music is rather simple but effective, the melodies are very pleasant to listen to. Despite the martial drumming and the typical neofolk themes in the lyrics the atmosphere of this record is mostly romantic. Again a good record by Leger des Heils, nothing shocking, just some pleasant music.

artist: Leger des Heils
label: Eis & Licht
details: 10', 8 tracks, limited to 500 copies