Leger des Heils – Sub Species Aeternitatis

The second release already on the new Chinese label Chaos.Pro. After the wonderful compilation album Penumbra Over Beauty it is time for a Leger des Heils release.

Sub Species Aeternitatis consists of tracks released on limited edition records. There is also one unreleased track on this cd called ‘Media In Vita’. The other tracks are taken from the Precatio 10”, the Immortalitas 10”, The Strength of Will 7” and the Aryana boxset.

Even though this selection of tracks is material that spans over two years, this cd sounds like a genuine album. The melancholy and often wavish sounding military pop is very catchy and a pleasure to listen to at any time.

Because there is only one new track not every fan of Leger des Heils will be interested in this release. But as I said Sub Species Aeternitatis feels like a real album, not an compilation. Therefore I can imagine some fans will get this cd even though they have most of the tracks.

artist: Leger des Heils
label: Chaos.Pro
details: 12 tracks [CP002]