Legowelt – Classics 1998 2003

Do you like infectious retro-style electro music? Then Legowelt is compulsory stuff. Legowelt is a project by Danny Wolffers from The Hague, who was making minimal danceable electro long before the electroclash hype of Miss Kitten, Felix da Housecat and the like became fashionable. In his own words, Wolffers makes ‘a hybrid form of slam jack The Hague electronix combined with deep chicago trax, obscure ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks and lots more!’ And not to forget a great deal of humour and themes taken from Italian B-movies and German ‘Krimis’. Together with other local acts as Orgue Electronique they are also known as the ‘West Coast Electro Sound’.

On this compilation 13 Legowelt tracks are compiled, taken from various vinyl 12″ releases and compilations, for labels such as Bunker, Stilleben and CEM. The album starts with 3 songs from the classic first Legowelt 12″ “Pimpshifter” (1998). ‘Sturmvogel’ is one of their all-time classics, with a very high danceability. Perhaps my favourite song is ‘Strange girl’, with an unusual prominent role for the vocals, which are usually absent or limited to a few slogans. These beats really make me move! ‘Total pussy control’ has dynamic percussion, nostalgic synths and distorted ebm vocals. ‘Are you truly debonaire’ is a disco hammer which makes even the most cool guy stamp his feet and clap his hands. And if this doesn’t work the ‘italo noir’ Dirty Love will do. Another dance hymnn not to be missed is ‘Chokolectricity’, which makes you lick your lips. The minimal ‘Dimension door’ is also very sexy. Synthesizer greatest!

Strangily enough the songs seem to be dark and cheerful at the same time. And the normally so cold synths sound warm and raw. The songs of Legowelt are minimal and repetitive, with only the necessary elements, but oh so effective. Some songs are already five years old, but are still completely fresh. Some of the newer tracks seem to be more minimal and subtle, reminding more of the cold Kraftwerk sound.

This cd sure as hell slams the pit! What, you don’t own a Legowelt record yet? Go and get this compilation now!

artist: Legowelt
label: Bunker Records
details: 13 tracks.